Monday, October 13, 2008

Free Quilt!

Look at this beautiful quilt! Do you LOVE it? I know right!!

You can WIN this quilt on Pigtails and Snails blog HERE.

I'm so excited by free quilt give aways. I mean quilts are so awesome and VALUABLE. And awesome. And this one is YUMMY yellow. And my son wants a yellow quilt. So if I win I won't have to make a yellow quilt! I can spend that time making another quilt! Maybe one I'll give away? Who knows?

But if I don't win it I want YOU to win it. Yes YOU. You with the computer and who is reading my blog. (No not you, who just looks at the pics and doesn't read, haha, joke on that girl because she isn't reading this... kidding)

So go try to win it. If you DO win it come back and let me know so I can be all excited for you! Woohoo!

Oh and there are more pics of the lovely quilt on the blog I linked.

1 comment:

Debbie, said...

Hi Erin:

Did you know that your blog is one of the first blogs I check every day?

Thanks for the heads-up on the free quilt contest. I've put a post on my blog, too.

I hope I win, but I hope Stephen wins, too. :)