Sunday, October 19, 2008

Foundation Piecing

I've been skeptical about foundation piecing. I though, what's the point. Um... the point is in the POINTS for me! I was reading a library book on it I accidentally got (tricked me, lovely blocks looked traditional pieced to me) and I realized that foundation piecing might help me with my sloppy points.

So I went on the net and printed THIS pattern and gave it a go. I used some horrid scraps I have because I was still not sure and didn't want to waste any of my good stuff. But look: It did work, and look at those crisp points:
(yes, I see the humor in displaying "crisp points" with a blurry photo)
I didn't leave some scraps big enough I see now, but still it was super fast and easy to get this block sewn up. I'm sold!

In other news:
Me and the boys have colds AGAIN. Honestly we are not sick that often, but I only write about our health then it's poor. Because I'm human I guess. Anyhow it's just colds but you know a cold can make you so miserable.
My mom has given me hope of a visit from her. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my mom and the idea of her coming here for a week is enough to lift the fog of my cold and make me giddy with excitement. I hope it does work out and soon.
Can't remember any other news. blah head colds. Someone get on a cure quick!


Kim H. said...

That looks so wonderful!

I hope you and the boys feel better! Oh what FUN it would be if your Mom gets to come for a week!

TJ said...

How did I catch your cold? Hope you guys feel better sooooooon!