Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Bad news everyone. :(

First the good news. My one on one swap with Kim came today. She is who I made the bat quilt for. I got all this goodness: And here is a closeup of teh embroidery work. LOVE it. Masks of each other! I can't stand how cute that is!! The red isn't just a background it's about 2 yards of yummy cordoury which I LOVE. :)

Well ready for the bad news? Ok.
I quilted for two and a half days. I was nearing completion. I looked at the back closley. it was weird. I looked more, very weird. I pulled at a thread. pop pop pop it comes up. What the heck? Look at my thread. It looks weird.

It's hand quilting thread. AND crappy hand quilting thread at that. It was so non flexable that it didn't work right in my machine. The top stitches looked fine, the bottom had NO tension. So I have to pick it ALL out and start over. This idea makes me want to puke.

So I had to go to Hobby Lobby for new thread. I got some. It's coats and clark machine quilting thread. I also needed some clearance fabric, home dec weight for $2 a yard. and a quilt book, and needle disposal thingies, and some embro patterns for Kim, and cookie cutters to make shaped sandwiches for the kids, and button making kits, and some grab bag ribbon. when you have a new cookie cutter the best way to show it off is by putting it on your head.
Ethan's still learning proper modeling so he's looking to Stephen for approval.
I made these buttons and attached them to elastics for rad new hair ties. LOVE the panda.


Kim H. said...

So glad you like it!I was so worried! Sorry to here about your quilting mishap! Dang cheap thread! Great score at HL!

Tami Bayer said...

Oh Erin, I feel for you. I hate un-sewing. It's the main reason I started working with paper, so much faster and you can just throw out paper if you mess up. On the bright side your swap goodies and your hair buttons are adorable. Love the meat muffins, so much faster than meatloaf.

dana said...

Hi! Thank you for stopping by today!!!

I love your gifts you received in the swap--I just did my first swap and it was great! (You saw my crow I received in my "swap haul"). I just HATE it when I work so hard on a project and see something I don't like and have to start over!!!! I guess that teaches us to be humble. hmmmmmm.

Your stealth veggie muffins look great. Are they like mini meat loaves? A splendid idea!!

LOVE your little guy pictured in front of the quilt holding on to his "junk"! I laughed so hard on that one!!! Kids are great!

YOU have a wonderful rest of the week! Dana

Charlene Austin (Willow01) said...

OH That sucks about the quilt. Is this the zig zag quilt or the blue and yellow one? Either way I am looking forward to your progress and completion. I am really enjoying the quilt stuff. I bought cheapo thread today at Walmart but it really doesn't matter when sewing on a card.
Have a great day.


what a drag on the un-sewing!!!
feeln' for you!

jenny fowler said...

so funny, i just got a swap package from kim today too! it's so much fun, isn't it? what a bummer about your quilt! i hate having to start over with projects. good luck on it this time around.

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Oh my Gosh! Kim's monsters are supremely amazing. How cute are those masks. You guys make me wanna branch out into all kinds of exciting things. I think I'll email you for thread advice though, cause you learned the hard way. Poor Darlin!! :O) P.S. I will remember the technique for showing off cookie cutters. heeheehee too cute!

TJ said...
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TJ said...

OK - as discussed that quilt nightmare makes me feel sick. I don't understand it but it sounds horrid! The buttons are SUPER cute as are the boys and their cute posing! That picture by Kim is ADORABLE! I love those little monsters! Did she draw them? She should make stamps... those would be super cute stamps.

TJ said...
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TJ said...

Oh - EK .. those deleted posts are ME! My post showed up three times so I had to delete two. I knew it would drive you crazy wondering who posted and deleted. I don't want you to be crazy ... well, a little crazy but I don't want it to go down like that.