Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Swap and teenage sewing

Here are some of the goodies for a swap I'm in. This is mostly fabric, a few other things. (Can't tell you of course) There is also one other large thing, but I didn't have any wrapping paper (this is all patern paper) so I can't show you that thing wrapped. I hope my partner, all the way in Germany, likes all this stuff. :) And look at this painfully adorable bag!
I didn't make it. I helped my good friend Annette's daughter Emma Lucy make it. Emma Lucy is a teenager and wanted a cool bag for her stuff. I think this fits the bill. She had this fabric, she went through my HUGE button and ribbon collection for the button and ribbon. It's the Tiny Happy bag. This bag is so easy and quick that I think I've made almost ten or more even of these bags now. It's basicly my go to gift. I tell people it's a "Library tote" but of course you can tote anything at all in it. In my own one I tote my supplies for church. Stephen is using his for back to school bag, Ethan uses his for the library. Kim has one, not sure what she uses it for (I've made Kim several bags, she probably has to rotate them). Marcia has one for the library...
Mom, have I made you one? I need to if not. Anyone else need one? They are the most fun to sew.


Anonymous said...

It is my library tote too!I love all the bags you have made me! Emma Lucy did a super duper get job! Your swap stuff is adorable!

Anonymous said...

It is a great bag. WTG Emma Lucy!
You're very talented Erin. I wish you could teach me to sew... my poor sewing machine - very neglected.

Linda B said...

That is a great bag! Nope, you haven't made me one yet. I could use a library bag, I use the Publix green bags now.


Anonymous said...

Love the bag!

TJ said...

If you feel a yearning to make one I know a girl in Marietta, GA who needs a good "multi purpose" bag.