Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Fun with stickers.

I got a sheet of stickers on clearance at a LSS here in town. I have made two really fun cards with them:
You are seeing the outside and inside views. The one with orange has an image by Gina K Designs and a phrase by Cornish Heritage Farms.
And this green one has a phrase by Stampin' Up!
I really enjoyed working with the black/white/gray plus one color palette. I think I'll make some more of these.

Also Ethan, my youngest is potty trained! I need to take some pictures of him so I can make this scrapbook page. I won't do him ON the potty, but him just being proud near the potty. :) His little overnight pullups he uses have robots and robot dogs, so of course this paper was perfect to make a theme. I hate that all potty training paper products are so baby-ish. Kids who are potty training are not baby-ish anymore! It's like the great begining of kid-hood. At least my kids feel that way! :) So this is a nice "big boy" theme.

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Kim H. said...

You cards with stickers are awesome! Would have never guess that they are stickers! What a great scrapbook page! WOO HOO on potty training!