Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I was in a swap recently on Flickr. A little fabric, a little chocolate. So I was to buy some fabrics and goodies for my partner. Also some chocolate.

Well first my partner let me know that she's also a Heather Ross fan! THEN she complimented me on my sewn bags! So you KNOW I had to sew her a Heather Ross bag! Here it is.
And here is all her other goodies all packaged up. I was in love with her, due to the Heather Ross and my bag love, so I sent her plenty. Also I just really love wrapping little gifts! :)
My partner Susi is all the way in Germany so I might not get mine for a bit of more time. It took forever for poor Susi to get hers from me. But how fun to be expecting a package from Germany!