Saturday, July 04, 2009

Cover inspiration and eastern influence

I'm going to go ahead and finsih up my Color and Design Trends book inspiration today. I've had a few questions. The book is one of those little free booklets you get in the paint section. This one is by Beher. Of course any paint company would have some. I actually got a few. I am seriously looking at paint for my bedroom so I was getting ideas. This particular one was the most inspiring on a card design level.

On the cover see the room with the red wall? It has this rose artwork done on the wall that is just black on white. I loved that and decided to make a card inspired by it. My roses are stamped on glossy and then mounted with foam tape. I sorta love this VERY simple card. Stamps by Stampin' Up!
The final page of ideas was this one called "eastern influence". This one gave me troubles. The purple color is "deep aubergine". I didn't have anything very close to that. I settled for plum.
The card turned out fun though. It's probably my least favorite of the ones I did for this challange, but it still works.
And there you have it. The full color inspirations challange collection. Overall I'm happy with them.

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