Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Erin Comments on the SU catalog

Well the new Stampin' Up! catalog is here and I'm ready to comment on it. I don't mind if you skip this whole wordy post.

Cover, it does feel weird. I think it's kinda cool. Brian thinks it feels like wax is on it. I think it's pretty.

Family pic, cute as usual, poor Shanna couldn't make it apparently. (she's an inset, this inset circle theme carries throughout the catalog, making me wonder if they did that just so Shanna looked like part of the design)

I really like the color family swatches on pages 6 and 7. Actually I'd like a set of those. Can someone make me one? I'll make you an apron or a tote bag.

Hostess sets by level:
I love Of the Earth for level 1, the others are ok just not for me.
For Level 2 I would probably get Asian Artistry, but I also like Christmas punch (and love the sample for it) and Wings of Friendship.
OHMYHECK. I have never wanted a single stamp set as much as I want Kind and Caring Thoughts Level 3. I've never had a $500 order. I don't know what to do about that. I dont' like the other Level 3 stuff.

The section opening pages are like a sheet of one of the DP they sell. Is anyone else tempted to use them on cards?

I love Halloween, but even I think there are a bit too many Halloween stamps.

I've wanted Autum Harvest for a while. My BCBW friends tell me it's horridly ugly though. Maybe I'll get the Fall Harvest wheel instead?

Page 29, the Merry Christmas card with the dot stamping on just the edge? I'm going to use that idea for a card soon.

Page 35 Scenic Season is the most lovely Christmas set ever.

My friend Roniece freaked when she saw the Monogram Sweet set. She uses the snot out of the Together Forever so it will be great for her. She's also ON BOARD with the personalized stamps that they have there.

I will PERISH without Look Who's Turning. I mean that octopus is CUTE.

Don't surf but must have Extreme Surfboard. I like that that one and also Extreme Dirt Bike you can stamp in a variety of positions and it will still work. FUN.

I'm totally torn on Lots of Bots and Greetings Earthlings. I think I have enough similar, but I do love them. Samples for those rock too.

Ronnie is also gaga over Pony Party. It's way cute. I don't need it.

I was gungho for Animal Stories until I read online that the giraffe looks like it's pooping. I guess I have enough cute animals anyhow.

I still want Upsy Daisy and don't have it yet.

I have Pocket Silhouettes and I'm glad I do because the sample for it rocks.

I'm sure Flight of the Butterfly will be really hot. I can't spend that much, $32 for the stamp plus $16 for the punch... Not for me.

Will this be the year I buy Lovely as a Tree? Only time will tell.

I WILL buy the MOdern Label punch.

Pendant Park rocks. I have so many tree sets though...

Love Seeing Stars. Do I need it? Not sure.

That huge Medallion background stamp is going to be HOT.

Not sure on Hard to Say. Like to think I wouldn't need to say any of that enough to buy a stamp set of it...

Just Perfect Alphabet really is perfect. I'm getting it!

LOVE the In Colors. I always do.

Love the Thoroughly Modern papers.

Might get the ones that look like graphic line drawings.. Storybook Speciality.

If I get the Seeing Stars I might get the star punches. I need to decide if stars are a fad for me or if I really love them forever.

Ok kids want me to help them clean and Ronnie will be here soon.

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