Sunday, February 17, 2013

Last NIght *

*read the title in the tune of the Traveling Wilburys Song.

Yesterday was pretty cool. A friend of Ethan's from school (back when he went) had a birthday party. He made sure Ethan got an invite. So we went. It was super fun. I LOVED all the adults at this party. The kids played well, but I seriously loved these parents and grandparents. So it was a total blast.

After that party we stopped at home then headed to Savin's party. Savin is a good friend of ours who has the BEST parties. She has recently moved one county south of here, which is GARBAGE, but we were excited to go down there and see her.

Savin is Cambodian. Cambodian food is AWESOME. But there are a lot of peanuts. So Stephen usually can't eat much. There was a new dish last night, amazing steak on a stick. Stephen was getting hungry so he asked if he could eat that. I asked Savin. She didn't know, her dad was the cook on that one. We asked her mom and dad and they said it was safe. So he ate it. And it was AWESOME. So he ate two. Then looked up at me and I knew. I told Savin to double check for me. Yup. Peanut sauce. They thought we were asking about peppers.

So Stephen's face is swelling, his lips are swelling, he is crying and gasping. I calmly bust out the epi pen and give him a shot. Savin has a friend at the party who is a nurse. She gives him benydril and tells us to get to the ER.

At the ER: The epi was wearing off. His breathing was getting worse. Then they can't get a needle into him. They only have these thicker gauge needles. They discuss if it is worth running around looking for tiny needles or if they need to just force this huge thick one into his tiny vein. They decide to force it, they don't have time to look for tiny kid needles. Took FIVE times to get it in. Going back and forth on his poor arms. He is freaking out and asking for his Grammy.

So I decide to call Grammy. Because they are asking me to see what I can do to calm him and all. So I call my mom. And scare the crap out of her. I try to be gentle, "Mom, I'm in the ER with Stephen, he is going to be FINE, he can't talk (his throat is almost shut he just has to breathe) but he needs to hear from you. I need you to chat to him, I'll talk to you in a minute." And I hold them phone up to Stephen. He listens to my mom chatter about cool stuff like an upcoming visit and such. And it works. He settles down and they get the IV in. I get back on the phone with my mom and thank her. I update her. She tells me to call back in an hour or so. I promise to.

I look at the arm they finally got the IV in. FREAKING BLOOD EVERYWHERE. The guy apologizes, he is cleaning it all up, the IV is safely in. They also had given him more epi in his leg. So he's a wreck.

They give him all sorts of meds. His breathing sorts out within just a minute or so. They didn't have to put tubes in his throat. Which is good. They had already opened the pack and all. But it hurts and is scary so they don't WANT to do it.

He gets super tired. Stress and some of the meds. I ask, and they tell me he can sleep. Then we sit there for five hours. Because they want to make sure he is good.

Ethan waited the entire time in the waiting room. He refused to sleep or rest while his brother was back there. Calvin had fallen asleep early on. I was able to keep Brian updated.

And that's what I did yesterday.

Today everyone is fine. Actually right now Stephen is rambling to me about Mario Brothers game. So I rekon he's fine.


Emily said...

How scary, I am so glad Stephen is okay, how traumatic for all of you. Glad today is better!

Laura Holte said...

Oh My Gosh!! I hope you all are doing better today. Poor Stephen! Honestly, poor Savin, too. I doubt she was thinking about sending her little friend to the ER. I don't know how you all deal with that. I would be nuts. Please tell Stephen (and Ethan) we were thinking of them on Valentines and wanted to include them in our little exchange. They may still get an Angry Bird valentine in the mail later this week. Send Stephen our love and hugs.

Michelle said...

OMG, Erin! I'm so glad the story ended well. That would have been so scary for you all! I hope Stephen doesn't come close to any peanuts for a VERY long time.