Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Poetic Valentine's Day

We don't usually do much for Valentine's day, but this year we are. I ordered Brian a cool present that will come tomorrow. We have a babysitter tomorrow and mystery reservations that Brian made us. He also got me both cut flowers and potted ones. And I wrote him this poem:

Teal Poem

I wanted to express my love
With words that you’d hold dear
and reference your favorite teams
but I cannot I fear.

Not much rhymes with “teal”
except maybe heal
and not much rhymes with “mustache”
and I refuse to do those stupid puns

Not much rhymes with “jaguar”
Unless I promise you a new car
Which I can’t because we both know
We don’t do that crap.

Not much rhymes with “Jacksonville”
Oh I did pay the car insurance bill,
Because I’m romantic like that.
Go Falcons!

It is based on a poem that Stephen wrote me: 

Dont read teal valintinsday
I love that your my mom
so kind and gineris
your so so so sweat
helpful and that is why

As you can see it's a work of genius  But Brian said at first he thought it was a "Teal Valentine" and was a little bummed it was not for him and football themed. So the above poem was written for Brian. Because all the best kid poetry is always for me. 

For Valentine's Day Ethan is refusing to eat the TINY lunch I made him. He was starving to death but now it has been 3 hours and he's still crying about how his mashed potatoes are touching his lasagna. Guess how lovey I feel about that. No, wait, stabby, I feel stabby about that. But I'm trying to just not care. Just sit there my sweet middle child and let your tears salt your food. 

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