Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Balloon Animals!

A few weeks ago I went to a library story time. There was a lady doing balloon animals. She only was making the dog. (seen here in orange in the middle photo) I was entranced. I've always liked balloon animals. I watched her make dog after dog and decided I could do it. She happily let me try as there were way more kids than she could make for and appreciated help. And I could do it! I always assumed I'd not be able to. 

So I went online and ordered a bunch of Qualatex balloons and a pump and a simple instruction book. (Which was silly, don't get a book, go to youtube.) I tore through that 100 balloons in a few days. I can't stop making stuff. At the party where Stephen got sick I made probably 20 balloon dogs. Then I came home and started studying how to make more advanced animals. Like the penguin. How cute is he? The flower looks simple, but it is one of the hardest for me. The monkey and bunny are not too hard but I won't be able to memorize them for a bit. Swords are the most easy, I even taught Stephen and Ethan to make those. 

I'm hooked, I placed a second order for a few hundred more balloons yesterday. Love it! 

Where is this new hobby going? No where. I mean I'd love to make them for kids I know at parties and such, but no, I'm not planning on a balloon business. I just love making these critters and seeing the joy they give kiddos.

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