Monday, February 08, 2010

PTI "paint" by number challange

Well I love a good challange. This one had a sketch and colors. And you picked your color palette by the group that had the first letter in your on-line name. So this is mine:I think it's the best one! I mean look at those great colors!

First I pulled all the stuff I have in these colors.

Then I started making cards. (this photo features Ethan in the background, he's my little helper)

And more cards.

Decorated the insides too. (please note how pretty my nails are today)

Here is another card I made in the cute card holder my mom got me. ADORABLE.


Linzy said...

Cute cards, Erin. I agree, you got the best color group. My group has terra cotta tile in it, what kind of a poop color is that?! That is by far my least favorite PT color. I think my favorite of your group of cards is the "You're too kinda" one. Mainly b/c of the polka dot layer. Cute stuff!

shannon said...

i got the pink/red/gray combo! reminded me of valentines! oh well. i love how you used the ribbon, paper and button across the card. great job!

TJ said...

EeEeEeeeK! A mouse! He's super cute... and functional too! LOL!