Sunday, February 07, 2010

Heavens to Betsy...

I just love odd little sayings. The other day a show I was watching used "Bob's your uncle" like I use "Lickity Split" and I almost DIED of joy. I just find these little gems of language to be charming. So I was happy to make a card featuring "O, Heavens to Betsy". This one is especially cute to us as we named (yes, named) our Kitchen Aid mixer "Betsy".

The papers are from one of those stacks by Die Cuts With a View. The little prase thing is from that pack too. Super cute! That cool photo corner punch is one of my most loved and neglected punches. I really like it, but never remember to use it.

I love a nicely decorated inside so I added some of the print paper inside here. (although I'm thinking nowthat some blue stitching along the seam would be fantastic too. oh well)

In Other News:
Well I'm back from my short vacation. I had a BLAST. I got new shoes. The shoes are important, my step-mom bought them for me. They are the most expensive shoes I've ever owned. By a lot. A LOT. I'm a little freaked out by them, but mostly I love them. They are the most comfortable shoes ever. I never want to take them off. I'll show you a pic later. Ok enough about shoes. I just had a great visit with my family. I really have a fantastic family. :) Oh, I also watched a bunch of True Blood at my mom's.
Also, I'm joining a gym tomorrow. I've had enough of being fat. I feel that I've crossed over from, "cute but could stand to loose some weight" to "she has a nice face". You know I like cute prases? "she has a nice face" is NOT a cut saying. Mostly though it's my dad. My dad has adult onset diabetes. It's genetic of course, and strongly corelated with being overweight. My poor dad can hardly eat ANY sugar. I mean not just sweet crappy junk food, but he can't even eat much fruit. He has to check the sugars in everything. Even healthy stuff. Also my dad is overweight, but not a lot overweight. So that worries me because I'm a good 50lbs overweight. Maybe dad could loose that too, it's hard to tell on a guy. Stinking guys can be overweight and still look great. But diabetes is no fun at all, he assures me. Plus I want to wear some cute clothes and look super cute in them. And I do have such a nice face, I'm going to be the hotness when I loose weight.


Linzy said...

No stamping and still adorable! I'm still working on my Valentines... *sigh* Good luck on your weight loss adventure! I've lost 40 lbs. over the last 6 months. I had crossed over from the "she's got a cute face" category to "whoa! she's a BIG girl" category and that is NOT a fun place to be! I'd still like to loose some more...

TJ said...

Ahem ... you are still cute ya dork! Love ya!

TJ said...

Oh, and I like "lickety split" too. Also the word "bamboozeled" and calling somebody a joker. Also:
Gee Whiz
And How!