Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hero Arts, meet Papertrey

Now I expect yall to play nice ya hear?

First a funny story about this chandelier stamp:

So this chandelier stamp from Hero Arts... I have wanted it for a while. Roniece also wants it. Neither of us really understand a chandelier as an image on a card. I mean besides the obvious lighting puns, "You Brighten my day", "You light up my life", what do you do to tie it in. Then I thought, well I don't feel that need with, say, a flower...

So Roniece decided the other night to get the stamp. Roniece and I have a very flexable borrowing program. So I took the sucker home. She had left the crop earlier than me, leaving her stuff there to crop more the next day. Well turns out someone, me, forgot to tell Roniece she took the stamp home. So Roniece flips out on Sunday that someone bojangled her stamp! Remember our store is going out of business, so it's not like they will just get another in. But alas, I had it the whole time. The worst part, NEITHER of us paid for the stupid stamp! She was going to pay on Sunday, and as she left it at her desk at the store she was in the clear. I thought she HAD paid for it when I took it home. So I basicly stole from my BFF AND my LSS in the stamp swoop. Of course I called the store and paid for it and all is well. But SHEESH.

So that's my funny story about this stamp. On to the cards: First in Spring Moss.
Then in Pure Poppy (with messed up glitter)

Aqua Mist

And Sweet Blush.
These came together so super quick. I think the chandelier works fine. In fact I might keep this stamp. Well I guess I can't, apparently Roniece REALLY likes it. haha.


Linzy said...

Dang-theyr'e going to have to start patting you down at the door before you leave! :) Cute set of cards.

christy b., that's me! said...

Where can I get this chand-y stamp? I LOVE these cards. I love your blog. It's my "go to" for inspiration.