Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Technocolor Valentines

I think it's more the photo came out weird than actual brightness. But I did let the boys pick the colors and papers and inks and such for these so they are definately BRIGHT.
Here is one up close. Pretty fun way to decorate a simple tootsie roll.
And these are for Stephen's class. He wanted to give bubble gum and tootsie rolls so we did envelopes and put all the candy inside. Then the stamped, punched dohickies like envelope seals.
In other news: Look at these fun new stamps I got.
I was looking at these and you know what would be cool? A really huge backgrounder sized butterfly. Actually after seeing such cool stuff done with Stampin' Up!'s medalion huge stamp I think I'm suddenly very interested in VERY large stamps.


runningonink said...

Very Very cute! I love the bright colors! YUMMY NEW goodies!

CharityHand said...

Too cute! Those valentines will definitely be a hit.

shuggy said...

i love kim hughes stamps!!