Saturday, January 30, 2010

love you much

So I just found out that the challanges at the Cards Blog are open to everyone. I know if I had just carefully read them I would already know that. I kinda thought it was just for some DT they had or something. Anyhow I'm excited to play along. The new challange is to make a Valentine's Day card but with no red or pink.

I made this card for the challange. The card is big. Hold on I'll go measure it. Ok I'm back. It's 6.5"x5". I found it a little funny that using some of my most tiny stamps I made an oversized card. I have to tell you guys figuring out how to make an envelope for any sized card has changed the game for me. I still make mostly A2 cards but I don't think twice if my idea wants a different size. The reason I made it big (if you are curious) is because I still wanted a clean look with a lot of white space, even though I made a medium sized element with the house and such.

All the stamps and pattern paper are Stampin' Up! the white cardstock is Papertrey Ink. Ink is Vivid! Dye ink.

In other news: Brian is on vacation all next week. We are doing one of those Stay-Cations. Now I'm loving the idea as I'm a homebody and don't really like trips. I think Brian prefers travel, but we will have a traveling vacation in a few months. The reason I tell you all this is I don't know how it will affect my blogging. I mean I should be still able to get stuff made and posted, but maybe not ever day. So if it seems I'm missing know I'll be back in full force the week following.


Anonymous said...

Oh Erin, this is gorgeous! I love that it is not the normal colors for Valentines day! Great job!

Suzi said...

What, no Designer wood grain??? LOVE the card!!

Ann said...

Absolutely adorable! Love every detail!

christy b., that's me! said...

One of my faves in your plethora of cards!