Saturday, January 02, 2010

Five cards with one sketch

So my friend Roniece has this book. It's sort of a big deal around these parts. She prints TONS of card ideas off the internet, in full color, pretty big pictures, then has them all in a 3 ring. I'm talking about thousands of samples. The thing is that Roniece has the BEST EYE for finding cards. You cannot believe the stuff she pulls, it's the best cards ever.

These cards are all inspired by one of her pulls. The problem? She doesn't always note who made the inspiring card. So I can't say who inspired me, but the card was so great and I loved the general layout so much I made a sketch and made these five right away. This first one (above) uses Kim Hughes for Cornish Heritage Farms. This paper comes from one of those stack thingies they sell at Joannes. Actually all the print paper today does.
This one is almost the same card, only a woodgrain paper instead of that other paper.

This super cool cat is by Pink Cat Studios. This cat stamp is one of my all time favorites.

This is another favorite stamp for me. It's by The Greeting Farm. I LOVE Alice in Wonderland. I put her in different colors this time so she would match the papers I picked for her.
Ok I give up, these are all some of my favorite stamps! This is by The Greeting Farm too but I'm not sure they still sell it. I saw it in the clearance section shortly after I bought it. The bears are supposed to be pandas but that didn't work for me so I made them cute brown bears. Also I'm proud of myself for doing the apples green. I have always gone for the obvious red in the past so this was fun.
ETA: The ribbon/button treatment was totally inspired by Mish Mash. She does this all the time and I LOVE the look. Thanks Lindsy for pointing that out!
Another thing I did on all these was choose the pattern paper FIRST. This is something I never remember to do. I end up with a fun colored image that doesn't match any of my pattern papers. So I don't use pattern paper on it. And I do like pattern paper. But picking the pattern paper first I can assure it will match. (or close enough at least)
In Other News:
I'm excited about the new Stampin' Up! SAB and Mini catalogs. I have a hugenormous list going. I will have to edit. I have not ordered yet from the main catalog so it's pretty exciting to me still. Although I did score a great deal on Lovely as a Tree FINALLY! I haven't gotten it yet but I found it for sale on someone's blog. I've wanted that set forever.
Tuesday Morning of all places had some really great paper today. It's weird because they have it in whole 25 sheet packs, but Roniece and I will split them up so it's not so bad. Still... But seriously the whole pack was $2 for American Crafts and Making Memories double sided papers! We figure we can make envelopes with the excess.


Linzy said...

That blue haired girl in your last card reminds me of Carolina! :) I agree, great sketch, Erin! Also-love the little buttons with a piece of ribbon attached-reminds me of Mish!

Thanh said...

Go Erin go! I love the buttons look and sometimes will do them here and there depending on the look of my card.