Thursday, April 09, 2009

Red Eowyn Alice Stair Step

First of all if you are an Alice in Wonderland fan or are looking for other unique stamps you must go check out Red Eowyn. They have the classic Alice drawings, which I love. (Although Roniece pointed out the other day that she has a really big weird head, I'm gonna ignore that.)

I was lucky enough to get this set from my mom last year for my birthday so I wanted to do yet a no ther stair step card with them. A lot going on here, let me give you an angled view so you can see more.
Here it is from the other side.
And a closeup. I actually love this image most of all. Here is a little trivia about me. When I was a reckless 19 year old I got a tattoo. It's a lizard. I planned at that time to get a second tattoo. It was going to be this particular piece of art. I was going to get it rather large and on my back. (tramp stamp area) Just in black, because I really like just black tattoos. I'm far too conservative now for such a thing, but I do sorta wish I'd gotten this one first. Well except for the drug connotation with it. But I was thinking of the literature connotation.

Might not blog until Monday. I have stuff to show you but I have family comming in from out of town.
ETA: All these stamps are from Plate 5. I really want all of them, but had to get this one first. Also I just noticed free shipping in the USA, so that's fun.


Anonymous said...

HOLEY BUCKETS CHICHA! This is awesome! You totally ROCKED this out! I love it!

Paul A Telling said...

thats awesome where do you get the mad images i love it, you might like this too!

very cool love it check out red bubble and zazzle too they have some awesome alice in wonderland stuff!

Anonymous said...

This card is really awesome. But I like the one posted previously too. Wow, you have a lot of patience....

[PS. I posted photos of the mannequin in the velvet dress]

happy easter!