Monday, April 13, 2009

Kim's Challange

Well I totally messed up Kim's Challange. I didn't enjoy it either. So I'm not redoing it. haha. here is my messed up card: The front side flap is supposed to fold somehow and I think there is not supposed to be any right side flap at all. ?? Anyhow I do like the stitching for a stem and the yo-yo flower. I just didn't know what to do with the part of the left panel that showed. Turns out that's the question even if you do it the way Kim told me to. So generally I don't like it. I left it blank.
Here is my inside. I actually like the inside a great deal. The little tree is inkadinkadoo and the phrase is Cornish Heritage Farms. I'm also digging the orange, cream, navy color scheme. I'm feeling a skirt coming on in those colors. I need some navy linen. Then maybe a few rows of ribbon in the orange and cream... ric-rak maybe? yeah, I feel like that's something I need to make.
In other news:
NO enabling people. You may know I have an "allowance" I use for crafty purchases. Well part of getting a dog was that I'd pay half his crap out of my "Allowance". The dog wasn't cheap. And I could not stop buying him stuff. He just looked like he needed more stuffed animals to tear up and of course he needed two kongs and five balls... You may also remember that my sewing machine AND trimmer broke and had to be replaced. So I was hurting. Not in REAL money, WE are fine, but in fun money. Well on to the cool part...
I've spent MORE money! haha. Faith does a stamping retreat and I found I just had to sign up! It's pretty close to me about an hour and a half. It's 20 projects in a day and a half! Can you believe that? AND my good friend from Stamp Shack, Teresa is coming!!! WAHOOO! I'll tell you it was SERIOUSLY tempting before, but knowing a friend would go sealed the deal. AND two of my other friends are thinking about signing up! I will just die if three friends and me go. DIE I tells you! I'm pretty close with one friend going. Anyhow Faith is beyond talented. I think I will learn a ton from her. And I've never done anything like this. A little retreat just for me! No kids! Brian was so cool, he said, for sure he could take the Friday off work. No problem. Honestly It's never occured to me to ask him to do anything like miss work for me. He's not one to miss any work.
So I'm super excited, but I'm also $370 IN THE HOLE! YIKES. It will take me a while to dig out! Stamp companies, if any of you want to send me some stuff... just kidding! Sorta. So no one put out anything I can't live without. No stampers start using stuff I don't have in super cool ways. I have tons of white cardstock, as well as most colors, I have 25 ATG refills, I have a trimmer and a nice size stack of stamps. I have a ton of fabric, although no navy linen... So I should not need to buy anything. I read people casually say, "I've not bought any stamps since October" and I wonder how they do it... I'm about to find out. But I'm going to a STamping RETREAT!!! WITH A FRIEND. AND NO KIDS!!! So it's OK. Also I HAVE A DOG!! So life is GOOD.


Karen said...

Erin, I LOVE how your flower came out!! Love the stitching, love the button center, love the flower petals itself!!! What a fun color combo too! I don't think I've seen it before. I could definitely see a modern chic skirt with them too! :> I'm not enabling here...I swear! :>

Anonymous said...

Oh my Erin, this is gorgeous! I love the way it came out! I am really enjoying our throw downs! SMILE!

Peggy said...

Erin- you are too, too cute! You're posts and cards and 'stuff' cute, cute!!! Enjoy checking you out every now and then!

When our dog was a puppy, we bought lots of stuffed toys at Goodwill or thrift stores... cheap for .50c each.... but they aren't as tough as the pet toys... but much cheaper!
Have a great day!