Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Clay time

The days I let the kids do polymer clay around here are a huge event. I finished the pillows yesterday so clay day was today!
I made a handful of turquoise/black buttons. Then I realized these are Jaguar colors and so they look like sports stuff to me. Blah. The kids played and played then decided to have me make a turtle and pond.
I think the colors on the water are just fantastic.
In this photo it looks like the turtle wants to eat that rock. Oh and if you make small rocks, they look like poop. But he does have a cute little face.


Anonymous said...

Your turtle is so cute! I love the rocks they look like chocolate chips to me! ha ha! Your buttons are pretty!

Suzi said...

The turtle is too cute! And a lovely pond w/non-poop looking rocks! I think the buttons are fab!! Sorry they look to sports themed to you!!