Monday, April 27, 2009


My good friend Roniece found a couch she could not pass up. The problem is that the pillows were red. Now that I think of it I'm nto sure what color the body of the couch is, I'll have to go over there and look. Anyhow She doesn't love red. So she brought them over with some fabric she choose for me to recover. I talked her into the trim as well. This is my first time working with this type of fabric, and my first time recovering anything. It's one of few times I've used trim.

I still need to hand sew them closed. The original pillows machine sewed them closed and let me tell you, it's not cute. So I'll do it extra nice for her.

I'm really happy with how they look. The big ones were first. I should have made them really tight like the bottom ones. The originals were not tight, but I like the look better. It's not bothering me enough to redo them though. :)


Cinda said...

Love the trim on them!

AJ said...

very pretty fabric.