Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Will work for stamps!

So today some people I know are excited to say they have been chosen on a design team! Some are sad to say they were not.

I know for me, I'm totally dedicated to applying for design teams! I'm determined to get stamps and not pay for them! There it is, my shameless confession: I will work for stamps! (Picture me on the side of the road with a sign on a piece of cardboard Asela and I were going to stage this photo for me but never got around to it. Don't forget to picture my hair looking great AND I've lost weight so picture that too!) I mean I'm dedicated, I love ALL stamp companies and I like to make things. I have, like, no life and can spend hours a month making you cards that you can then own the rights to if only you send me a few pieces of rubber! Ask Holly of Eat Cake Graphics! We have this arrangement! I think she's liking it, she tells me so and she keeps sending me stamps. I know I love it!
Alas my hunger for free stamps cannot be abated by one company!(As much as I love Eat Cake, don't think I'm some big fat ingrate! I mean they are just the most adorable, go look.) So I am a professional design team applier. I figure it's good for me anyhow, toughens me up. I only cried over ONE team this month. Just the one time. I had a bad month a few months back and cried so much DH told me to just make my own team and give myself my own stamps. (I have no drawing talent, he just wanted to shut me up I think, meanie.)

What on earth is your point Erin?

Oh yea, I did have one. Ok, here it is. I'm just a regular girl, I like stamping. I like the internet and stamp companies and blogs and message boards. I will continue to apply for design teams! Just now I applied for one and I think you should too. It's with Starving Artistamps (link takes you to the design team call info) they have cool stamps. Everyone has cool stamps. I wish all you, my friends, the best of luck if you want to be on a design team, or several. I dream of a world where stamp companies send us all stamps spontaneously because they want nothing more than for us to use them. Ahhh we can dream can't we?

oh and if you ARE a stamp company and are moved to tears by my plea it's not just a catchie title, I will indeed, work for stamps so please contact me. ;)

Hugs guys, I hope this was funny for you and maybe you will get back on the applying horse!

huggeronies. And of course congrats to those of you who have recently been added to design teams! Your companies are lucky to have you as all my friends are wicked talented.


shuggy said...


Anonymous said...

I have a different proposition for you - I let you use a stamp of mine and you design a card that I can copy ...and I pay you?? Does anyone do that kind of thing.

Hey, we've been out of town and I saw your cake email. I'd love to take you up on that offer some time!! I'll bring lunch

Great post!

Erin K said...

Cinda! Call me and we will set it up!

Also did you see my class this month? You should so take it.

Carolyn King said...

Erin...thanks so much for the sweet comment you left on Gina Ks blog---it touched my heart.
I wish i was in the area to take your class...those cards are precious..all I have to say is that those design teams that broke your heart--have lost out big time!

Cammie/Carolyn King

StampinMom3-Kim said...

Good morning Erin. I just went to the Eat Cake Graphics link from your blog for the first time. OMGoodness, they have some adorable stamps. I can't wait to order some! Thanks for sharing the info.

Colleen Schaan said...

You are a stitch! I too will work for stamps...(or paper, or ink, or whatever other fun stuff people would give me!)

Colleen Schaan said...

Oh, and good luck with the latest DT call.

Melissa McCarthy said...

Hilarious and Inspiring. :0) Thanks!