Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Spooky Pumpkins

I got up early this morning, Stephen was up already, I snuck him out of the nursery, leaving his brother in sleeping. We snuck into the stamp room (which I'd like us all to call the Studio now so I feel more artistic, you do it to yours too!) and stamped. Stephen didn't want me to take a photo of his but he helped me take this photo of mine. It was good fun for us, we felt sneaky stealing time that usually we spend all together.

The pumpkins are Eat Cake Graphics, the "spooky" is one of those dollar stamps from Michaels or Joannes or whatever. I colored with prismacolor and copic markers. The patern paper is TAC.

Speaking of Copic markers. All That Scraps you may know is one of my favorite online stores. They have the coolest stuff and great shipping. I was checking out Copic markers on there for a friend the other day and saw this new assortment SU Marker Set. Two ladies, Jeanne Streiff and Amy Rysavy (Amy is the famed Amy R whose blog I read religiously, and this is Jeanne's blog which is also awesome,) Anyhow, they figured out the closest color matches to the SU colors. I know I am a fiend for SU cardstock so I was very excited about this. NOW, if you are local here in Jacksonville, I still think you should be getting these at Scrap n Stamp they are slightly cheaper IF you are a member of the club and get the 20% discount on them AND you are supporting your own local stamp store. If I were not here in Jacksonville, with the awesome store right near my house I'd definately get them from ATS. SO to make my point finally: If you can't get ALL of the markers (like most of us, if you can then that's awesome for you) then I'd think this set would be an excellent choice. Ok, point made.

SHEESH I'm long winded.


Suzi said...

I love this card! It's so "simple" yet perfect! I wish I could make cards like this!

Michelle (MilwaukeeMommy) said...

Hey Erin!! Great job on the cards! I read Jeanne's blog every day, here's the link.....isn't she fabulous????

Melissa McCarthy said...

This card is SPOOKtacular. Now I'll have to add the pumpkins to my eat cake collection. Thanks for the Halloween inspiration, :0) Mel

Jane said...

How funny! You sneaky thing you! I like to surprise my kids once in awhile by doing a "picnic" in my bed while eating dinner and watching a movie. They think it's such a big deal and it's really easy.

Love the pumpkin card and the coloring on them in particular. Looks so vibrant!


Wife2TJ said...

Great cards!!!