Friday, September 21, 2007

More Eat Cake Graphics.

So the phrase is Green Grass. I think this phrase goes with EVERY cute card. I mean, you slap that phrase on a card and BAM! it can be used for your best friend, your best friend's kid, to cheer up, to congratulate, to encourage, anything! I think it might be my most used phrase. The kid is Eat Cake Graphics. He reminds me of my boys and pretty much EVERY young boy I know who loves to play in boxes.
I showed these robots earlier this week and commented that maybe they should have been gray like metal. I like them either way honestly they are so silly cute. But tonight I really noticed that they are on sticks. So robots on sticks? hmmm I'm not sure they are robots now? Maybe they are like puppet robots? If they are not functional robots they don't have to be gray right? Oh and either way I felt they needed googlie eyes. I LOVE it when googlie eyes land cool ways, like the dude on the left is looking at the kid and the dude on the right is looking at the dog. Too funny!

I have a stamping world concern to discuss! Why oh why is "gray" spelt either "gray" or "grey" and isn't one way the paper company Basic Gray/Grey and the OTHER way the "new" color from Stampin' Up Basic Gray/Grey? I can never keep them straight. Not to criticize Stampin' Up but it is confusing to me! Couldn't they call it Great Gray or something? I mean all the other colors have two part names that start with the same letter, surely they have some clever person working there who comes up with this? I only bring it up because I really like both! Basic Grey and Basic Gray, I love you both, but don't know which is which. I'd like to order some of the Basic greycoloredpaperandaccessories from my SU rep next order but will I look foolish if I spell it wrong. (Now is the time for those of you who are regularly horrified by my poor spelling to roll your eyes at me!)

Ok, I got that off my chest, I feel much better.

It's important, as I told Brian when I bought some dark gray pants the other day, "Gray is the new brown, which was the new black". You can pair gray with ANYTHING, because Stampin' Up said so.


Jen said...

Love the stamps Erin!!! So super cute!!!

Grey and gray are British and American spellings of the word. Don't know which one is which--think GRAY is British cause that's the way we spell it in Canada!

Does that help?

Mary said...

Erin you are so good with these stamps. I always love seeing your creations.