Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Stampscapes Class with Jodie

Tonight I took a class at my LSS called Spooky Stampscapes. It was with Jodie. She's great. She's from Canada and my regular readers will know how I feel about that. (I like Canada)

The first thing I did was use this applicator thingie by Colorbox to make a background around this awesome moon stamp. I truly do not like the applicator thingie. If you are interested in one, it's a piece of foam on a stick, it's by Colorbox and I'm sure any stamp store will sell you one. Now this is NOT the look it's supposed to give:
It's the background part, other people who have skills in this did WAY better and their backgrounds looked like cool Northern Lights but mine looks like toddler art. :( I LOVE how the simple image stamps look so striking on it though. So this card is not trash, but I was learning ya know?

Next we used this stamp called "tonal applicator" it looks like a pear made out of dots. Jodie says, "stamp this on your scratch paper, ok I don't want to see you making THAT shape again!" OK, so how you do this part is you tapa tapa tapa over and over with it, then reink and start again. You do it in different color values until you get the look you like. Then stamp your trees and birds and whatever. SOOO COOL!!!
I loved it so much I bought a sheet of glossy and made 4 more!

This next one I messed up, I accidentally did the moon in black, you are supposed to stamp the moon in a mid range color. But with the encouragement and imput of everyone in my class and Jodie I was able to make something of it. "No Erin, more gray!" "DARKER, go DARKER" "Now blue!" "No stop! no purple!" I still think that it would be better if I'd not done the black but it's still ok.

I sorta fell in love with this "spooky tree" didn't I?

Ok, gotta go, we seem to have misplaced our cruise tickets and somehow it's all my fault! :rolleyes:

ETA: Tickets were found right after I clicked "publish post" Brian had stuffed them somewhere for safe keeping. SEE it's not ALWAYS my fault!

and also you need to go to www.stampscapes.com and look around, amazing samples and step by step tutorials!


Anonymous said...

holy cow!! These are awesome!!!! will you make a video tutorial at SS with this?? PLEASE??? I'm not above begging..lol anytime after your cruise would be great!

pescbrico said...

This seems to be a really interesting class! I now have an idea of what can be done with the sun/moon stamp I've got and did not know what to do with it. I'm not sure I will be able to do the backgroud but at least I know that it will be use at some point! Have a good cruise

Anonymous said...

Erin, I love your cards. I would love to take this class. Great job. Glinda

Jennifer said...

Erin, the class sounds wonderful! I love your cards you made and the backgrounds are spectacular!

Jason Sampson said...

love the cards, gonna have to try this, but love the way you write!

Thanh said...

Wow! These cards are awesome Erin.

Renée said...

These are wonderful! I love the "stampscapes"!

P.S. You're tagged!