Saturday, September 01, 2007


I did actually stamp something but it's a suprise to the girls who it's for and they read here so I can't show.

But I can show these cupcakes! They are for a church potluck tomorrow and I even have a neato cupcake tree thingie for them. They are lemmon with rasberry filling and buttercream icing. :)
They taste good. I've been really good on my diet but I had a single cupcake and it was AWESOME. There is no fat in rasberry preserves! There IS fat in buttercream icing and lemmon cupcakes. :( Oh well you gotta live a little, and they smell awesome. I'll have to go back to chocolate stuff so it doesn't tempt me.


Anonymous said...

They look super duper yummy! Can you share the recipe? Thanks! Lisa K

Erin K said...

Lisa, I don't have an email for you, I hope you get this recipe here.

Open box of lemon cake mix, any brand, prepare as per directions.

Open jar of rasberry preserves

Use pointy tip and icing bag (there is a special one but I just got it today, I used a number 3 I think, the special one is called a bizmark tip) jam the tip in the top of the cupcake, squeeze until you feel some resistance pull tip out. if some rasberry comes out wipe it off with a clean finger.

ice with your favorite icing.

Thanks! :)