Friday, September 07, 2007

More City of David

I wanted to make more cards with the City of David set. (I'm making 12 of them for my MIL to use this year) I went on the SCS gallery for that set and found this card. (<--- click that, it's a link to an awesome card) I decided to do a CASE of it and this is what I made:
I do like it but I feel I took a LOT of the orginal design, and that's ok but not what I normally do ya know? I try to only take one or two elements.

I did love my coloring though, so I made another card with the same coloring and here it is:

This photo is strange, I tried several times, but the red is actually almost exactly the same as the ribbon. So it really is prettier in person. I usually don't worry about color shifts like that, but this made it look like I used burnt orange cardstock with maroon ribbon and that's not true! :)
They are both colored with prismacolor and copic markers. Glitter pen for the accents of glitter. Mary and Joseph are up on foam tape.


Suzi said...

Just beautiful!! I love your coloring too. I'm sad that you got rid of all your prismacolor pencils. I JUST got mine & now they are passe'??? I wish I had your talent!

Erin K said...

Suzi they are NOT passe'! It's just me! I like cards to take like 15 minutes, I can't hardly color with those stinkers in 30 min! But they are very cool and very artsy and you will love them.

My inky escape said...

Very nice cards! You did a great job.

Gina K. said...

I love these! That is one of my favorite stamp sets!!

Tami said...

These are both gorgeous, Erin. I like your layout better than the cased one. The way you did the sentiment with the image behind it rocks.

Tandra said...

Oh these are beautiful! Love your coloring!