Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Finally new cards!

I was out of town all weekend and it took me a few days to get new cards made but here they are! (to read about my trip see my Family Blog)

My friend Sarah in Australia sent me this image, isn't it adorable? I colored it with prismacolor and copic markers. I love how it turned out. Do you like the piercing on the orange? I'm really digging all this piercing I've been seeing. Oh and see his board has a "K" on it, clearly he's a Kellogg!
These stamps were birthday gifts. The swirls are from Ethel and the lady and cat are from Tonii. I don't drink coffee or tea (being LDS) so I assume they are having a nice pot of hot cocco. I felt the scalloped piece made it look a bit like a French Cafe. I call it "French Cat-fay. They are colored with primacolor and copic markers. Oh the scalloped border on the top I did with two different size of corner rounders. Then I used my crop-a-dile to punch the holes. (Tonii also sent me a crop-a-dile!)
This one I'm not sure about. I LOVE this stamp. It's by Hambo Stamps and they are one of my new favorites. I feel I didn't live up to the cuteness of the image though. I'm not sure what went wrong but it's not making me happy. And the danged eyelet piece won't stay stuck on because all the eyelets. It's colored with markers and pencils.

It was my birthday today (it's just after midnight so I was my birthday yesterday I guess?) I got TONS of cards! Seriously it was tons and tons.

I'm gonna share my favorites though. Brian made them, one from him, one from our babies! Are you ready for the cuteness?

(Kitty is our cat who leaves me dead birds)
"Cats are like potato chips, you can't have just one" We started with one and have THREE somehow.

"So are babies (these look like our babies) But you can't make them sleep in the backyard. We love you Mommy!!! Happy Birthday!!" I kicked our cats out a while back and they live in the backyard. (they all peed on everything, we tried everything)

How cute are those? Brian loves to make little scenes and stuff like this. I love these cards.


Loobylou said...

I love what you did with Kenny Koala. The colours are so vibrant and cutting around part of the image was a genius idea!
Tell Brian he is a sweetie, and funny too- no don't, it might go to his head. I'm pleased you have your creative feeling back. All your new cards are awesome

Aunt T said...

Great job - by both you and Brian :)

pamela said...

help! I need some idea for mothers day cards! will you give any hints?

Scrapbook 'Freubelen' said...

what a beautiful cards erin!!!!!!
so cute!!!!!


asela said...

OMgosh I missed your birthday!!! Happy birthday...big hugs!!! I'm loving all of your cards. How totally cute.

Tami said...

Your hubby is a great card-maker, too! I love the cafe card...such great elements all coming together on it.

Amy said...

I used to love eyelets when I first started stampin' but they are so much work. I love them on your crab card. Any tips?