Monday, May 14, 2007

Aloha! :)

This card is pretty simple. It's fun to make simple cards. I actually made 6 of them, stamped the "aloha" on the envelope flaps too, tied it all up with that ribbon and passed it off as a small gift. The recipient loved it. She lived in Hawaii for 8 years and signs all her emails "aloha" so I thought it was the best use of the stamp. She tells me that gold and crimson are the "royal colors of Hawaii" and did I know that when I deisgned the card. I did not, for shame! But the point is she liked it right!
It's patern paper. A few people have asked if I stamped the background and I sure wish I did but I didn't and am not really sure how to do one like this and don't have these stamps so I just forked over the 60 cent! The stamp is by Green Grass and here's a link. It has some of the coolest sentiment stamps I've ever seen BUT it's discontinued. You can still get it in "seconds" form (that's what is on the link) and it costs less and I recomend you just buy it! I'm going to be using it a LOT. :) I can barely see these "errors" on the two flowers and anyhow I just told you the reason to buy it is for the phrases anyhow. It's wicked tricky to cut out because they jammed so much on there, but you can do it.
Now the coolest part... I didn't buy mine! My good friend Angie did! Yup! Yet another awesome birthday present. I am not sure how I got so lucky. One of the most adorable things about Angie is that whenever she refers to her mom she says, "My cute mom blah blah blah" it's adorable! Actually I think she told me her cute mom has a blog now, I'll have to check into that.
I went to a crop Saturday. Normally I have tons to show you when I go to a crop but I didn't make anything! AND it was the most fun crop ever. I met up with Cinda and she made like a million of these adorable cards in the first hour while I cut letters for a bulliten board at church. Then we just chattered. I cut my new stamps (yes the ones I've been talking about) and she looked at this Close To My Heart card program book thing. (You know that one they sell that you buy in sections.) We both have boys who are about 2 and we talked about schools. The schools here are not great, and we were talking about private schools and homescholing and what not. The other girls at the crop had great info and were telling us. It was all very friendly and chattery and fun. Oh I learned that Cinda has rubber she's never cut! She even has the Ahoy, Matey! set. And never cut it! I tried to make her sell it to me as she's not giving it all the love it needs but no luck. heehee. So I ordered my own when I got home! I mailed my demo my check today.
Ok, I think I've talked your ear off! Hmmm, my baby who has never done this, just stood up and used a chair to walk across the dining room! Look at him go! I guess I have two toddlers now not a toddler and a baby.


laos348 said...

THat paper is just perfect for that stamp!! The finished card looks great.

Scrapbook 'Freubelen' said...

Wow ........... Erin what a beatiful card is this!