Monday, May 21, 2007

Bugs, they are everywhere!

New stamps of course! Not real bugs.

I just hours ago got my Papertrey order. I am in love with this bug! Also the paper is FANTASTIC. It's really thick and feels nice. It's smooth, but not as smooth as the Whisper White that Stampin' Up! sells. In a way that's nice, this dries faster, that WW paper seems to smear for me no matter what. Also it's REALLY THICK, you can make a card with no layers and it feel rich and classy, not thin and cheap. I love cards with no layers so I needed this. It was $6 for 40 sheets so that's a great price. I also got the envelopes and the clear boxes. The envelopes are pretty standard, not the cheapest quality, but not some magical extra special quality either. They are not a bad buy at $6 for 40 though. I got the Paper Tray set too, it is cute I haven't used it yet.
Here's my card: It's a CASE of This Card by Belinda.

I also got my All That Scraps order. (Saturday) I think I already told you about that so I'll get to the card:

I used a waterbrush and marker ink to color it.

Stephen also stamped this bug and colored it but he's sleeping with his "card" so I'll have to show you some other time. He's very proud. (He's 2 you have to start them young) When he stamped and pulled up the stamp he said, "WOW CUTE!" and my heart grew ten sizes.


Michelle (MilwaukeeMommy) said...

Oh Erin!! Your bug is adorable!! I'm sure your bug sleeping with his card is adorable too!!! I'm on a "no spending" sabbatical right now (well, I'm *trying* to be) but as soon as it's over I must have a Paper Trey set!!! Too cute!!

Tracy said...

Now this bug is just too stinkin cute...shoot I should not have looked at your blog...dangit now I will want one of these guys too!