Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Attn: Missing muse, keep your eyes peeled.


It's true. My muse or whatever you call it is gone. It's been a few weeks, I've been trying to hide it. I made a few sorta cute cards, but it wasn't the same. Usually I just love making cards and I can make piles and piles until the babies need something. I usually dream up cards when I sleep then make them and more come from those ideas and so on. Usually each day I look at blogs and online galleries I get inspired to try new things, to retackle old things, to put an accent just so... Lately.. NOTHING.

It's sad. I decided to sort stuff instead and listed a bunch of stamp sets on The Stamp Shack for sale. That made me feel good but so far hasn't made me want to stamp. I bought new stuff too, it's on it's way, we shall see! (I did buy Ahoy, Matey! surely that will do the trick) I have TONS of birthday presents to play with but nothing comes to me.

So please keep checking back even though I've been a little flat lately. It will come back I'm sure. Maybe I should knit something for a while. I have this blanket I started when Stephen, who is now 2 was not even born yet... Nahh. I'll just wait for the stamping muse to come back.

BTW I can't decide if I like the word "muse" or not. heehee Part of me thinks it sounds silly, part thinks it sounds just right. Maybe I should say my stamping mojo?


Elizabeth Royalty said...

man... that's tough...
this has happened to me a couple of times (long, dry creative spells), as I'm sure it has to everyone! to each his own, but it seemed best for me to actually stop, yes STOP, buying new stuff, as though all my new goodies were just overwhelming me. (not that I stopped for long, mind you). have also found that re-organizing the craft space not only clears clutter, but clears my brain, and usually I find one of those goodies I had forgotten about.. and just have to use it.

don't worry.. it'll be back... :)

asela said...

You'll get it back. This happens to me all the time. I really wonder how some ladies come up with ideas over and over and over again. I have a