Thursday, January 24, 2013

Blurry photo and weight loss

After feeling so good about myself yesterday when I saw that photo I decided to step on the scale yesterday. All time high. 207 my friends. UGH.

So I still feel good about myself, but this weight is out of hand. I don't have any good quality recent fat girl photos. This one my son took on Christmas. Sorry for the blur. But you CAN see my huge gut. Which is the most dangerous place to store fat of course. So it's got to go.

I have been praying and researching what I want to do for about a month. Today I made my decisions.

I rejoined my gym. I loved the gym, then sort of started slacking off, eventually I convinced myself I'd just run from home. That lasted a few month and then it was done too. But I really miss the gym. And my gym has Kids Club where I can drop my little monsters off while I work out. It is hugely stress relieving for me to get a bit of time away from the kids and to work out. I included classes in my membership so I can do the Zumba class I miss so much.

I'm also signing up for Weight Watchers. I'm going to do the combo thing where you go to the actual meetings AND have access to all the online stuff. I actually found out that a friend of mine is in the same meeting time that I plan to go to. She joined in October and has lost 26lbs. That is AWESOME.

So that's what's up. I'm not going to make this into one of those cool weight loss blogs, but I'll do occasional updates. I hope this is it. I'm not depressed, but I'm a bit desperate. I am motivated. In the past I've started because I was depressed, or felt pressure from my husband. I don't feel that now. I feel encouragement from Brian and I honestly feel GOOD. I'm happy, I feel pretty, but I want to feel better. And look better. I won't lie to you, I am concerned about my health, but my main concern is my looks. Might be horrible of me, but there you have it. I want to look good. In clothes and *gasp* out of them. And I want some new clothes. Cool, cute ones. And I want them by this summer!

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Michelle said...

You can do it, Erin! I'll look forward to those occasional updates. :-)