Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Photo magic and a train table.

 Usually in photos I look bad. I don't SHOW you those, so don't mention the millions of good ones you have seen. But in the vast majority of them I look hugely fat, with terrible skin and lank, oily hair. But sometimes I look amazing. And this is one of those times. THIS is how I look in my mind by the way. When you see me with unwashed hair, no makeup and sweats on and wonder who I think I am walking around with my head high, it's because in my mind I am this girl. Unfortunately Calvin didn't get the memo that we were taking the best photo of Mommy in years, because he has the, "I'm not too sure about this, and also the sun is in my eyes" look. If he had smiled I'd get this put on billboards around town. It's photo magic. This was yesterday. We went to a park in St. Augustine. It was just a wonderful day.
This is a train table I made. It is WAY smaller than one you buy, but I like that. I didn't want to loose half my room to a stupid table. I made it out of an old coffee table that had broken legs. I nailed down all the pieces. I painted the table this simple white so it would take up less visual space in my new screen room because I want it to stay looking huge and open. Calvin LOVES it. Ethan likes it quite well too, as you can see here. So I'm happy I made it.

That's about all. Home School is not my most favorite thing ever. I love seeing Ethan advance so quickly. I love that I feel like his time is not wasted. But I don't really like it for ME. I find it frustrating and somewhat boring. Also my house is not as clean as it could be now. And it is oddly tiring for me. But for right now it is what I'm doing and it is doing a world of good for him so that's good.

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