Thursday, January 17, 2013


So I saw THESE SHELVES and had to have them. And the people put a cool diagram. Easy peasy!

Well they were easy. But mine do not look like theirs. Mine are not so perfect and lovely. But they will do.  Every time I build something I wish I could take a carpentry class. I think of cool projects, but when I go to actually make them they are a hot mess. I wonder if my tools are part of it. I don't have a power sander, maybe if I had one I could have made these so much smoother. Anyhow I'm going to love them just as is. They look so cool with the books on them. This is in the narrow hall to the kid rooms. That is the bathroom door you see, then there is a bedroom on either side of these shelves. (I painted that flower thing, by the way.) These are to hold library books that we have out. Then we see them easily and keep them segregated from the other million books we own.

So I told you yesterday that I was teaching the 9 and 10 year olds. It got changed. Changes are very common at the beginning of the year and with a new Presidency, so it wasn't a shock. I am now teaching the Nursery class. That is babies from 18 months to 3 years old. BEST CALLING EVER. I've been saying for about 5 years that I'd love to serve in the Nursery. You get to supervise playtime for a while, then give a super short and active lesson, there is snack and singing. It's basically toddler play time but at church. And my own toddler is in there, so that's super fun! On the other hand I was super excited for the other class. And that's the awesomeness of my church, because we fill all the positions ourselves everyone gets many opportunities to serve in different ways. I bet someday I'll teach that other class, and it will still be awesome then.

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Kayla Smith said...

This is wonderful! I think it's a great idea. And brave for doing it all by yourself!