Friday, July 30, 2010

Easy Thank You cards

I think you all know I've been pretty sick this pregnancy. It's mostly figured out. I have a heart condition that causes me to faint a lot. I've always had it,but when I'm pregnant apparently it's way worse. I've been just randomly fainting 5-10 times a day. Not cool. Because of this I cannot drive. VERY not cool. So I'm stuck home. Unless my awesome network of friends comes to the rescue. They help me get to Dr appts, take my boys to play dates for me and even have brought me some dinners so I don't have to cook. (Standing for more than a few minutes will make me faint.)

So I need lots of "Thank you" cards for all the support. One thing I can do is sit at my craft desk and whip out easy cards. And here are a few: The red flower I made using Papertrey flower dies and layering them. I used some glimmer mist in a shimmery pearl color to moisten them and sort of crunched them a bit to give the flower dimension. The background stamp is by Cornish Heritage Farms. (Really bummed they closed.)
This one used clear water to do the crunching and a Stampin' Up! scallop circle for the flower. I also used atlas paper for the flower. I get atlasas when I find them at garage sales or thrift shops for $2. For some reason that's exactly the price I'm willing to pay.I usually have one I'm tearing paper out of and a backup. I love to make atlas paper envelopes.
You can tell more in this photo, I embossed the actual card with my Papertrey woodgrain embossing die. LOVE the embossed woodgrain. I'm all about woodgrain right now.
It's funny about trends. Woodgrain is a trend right now and I'm 100% on board. LOVE it. But there is another trend out right now that I cannot master or even grow to love. It's the pennant banner trend. I get it, it's cute. I see cute stuff done, but I just don't love it. I tried, really I did but no. Not for me. In general though I love trends. I like how they bring something to focus that maybe I would not have noticed before. I also like how they pass. Some things are fun, but not forever. Of course sometimes I love a trend and keep it even after it passes. I figure that means I REALLY loved that thing. Either way I love trends, trendwatching and such. Fun!

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