Wednesday, July 28, 2010

10 years

Today is my 10 year Anniversary. I mean mine and Brian's. We are not really doing anything today, he has Young Men's meeting after work tonight. But next weekend we have an overnight babysitter and we are going to Orlando. We plan to go to the Temple and eat out and go to Ikea. Fancy life you know! haha. :)

Here is the card I made for him:

Also my blogger let me do more than one photo today. I wanted to show you I finally got my hair fixed. It's been a few weeks actually. I finally died it a color that worked and it's pretty much my natural color. I don't look like a silly clown anymore! Also look! ONE chin, cheekbones and there is the slightest indication of colarbones here! I am HUGELY pregnant, but the rest of me has been loosing fat so that's good. :)

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you and Brian have a great over night date night next week! You look gorgeous!