Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Stuff I had hanging around

So the other day I made about 10 cards. I just kept picking up something else off my desk and designing a card around it. It was a blast. First one is maybe a travel card? Like a "have a great trip" or a "I missed you on your trip" card. I love it for it's simplicity and the great colors on those circle chipboard stickers.
Next we have a card I made with a scrap of this green print paper. I decided to make it a focal point image on the card. The layout is similar to a recent Kristina Werner card. (the one I tried to CASE a while back)

This one was truly just playing with random accents I had laying around. I have a ton of little taglets and stuff like the paper flower. I then made a grid pattern on the white with my trusty scro pal and slapped my handmade accent thingie on. I like this because the accent is has a lot going on, like a little collage almost, but the card is still really clean because that's really the only busy thing on the card.
In other news:
Nothing good to report. I may have news tomorrow. If you are the praying type pray for both me and Brian. And also for the baby-as-yet-unnamed.


Anonymous said...

Keeping you all in my prayers! Love your cards!

pescbrico said...

Love the cards! I will sure be praying for you all

Cindy Lee said...

Hello Erin! Wow...thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leave the SWEETEST comment!! I'm sorry you had a bad day but your comment definitely lit a smile on my face!!