Friday, July 23, 2010

jump for joy!

I made this card with some of my super fun The Angel Company stamps. The set is called "jump for joy" and I think it's super adorable! All these jumping cats and a trampoline and phrases. Too cute! I watercolored the cat with marker ink.

In Other News:
I had to resign from the Paper Garden Projects. :( I've just been so sick. Also my computer died for a while so it was hard to keep up. Cathy is so nice, she didn't mind and understood I need to take care of myself.
So sickness. I have Vasovagal Syncope. Basicly I faint a lot. There is a reason why in my heart. You google it if you really need all that info. The point is it's not dangerous, but it's also not going away either. So I'll feel crappy for the rest of the pregnancy (I have it all the time, pregnancy makes it worse) but its not going to kill me or the baby. So it's good news! The one thing that is really totally stinky is no driving till it stops being so frequent. I'm fainting up to 5 times a day. The Dr said that's totally unsafe to drive with that going on. He threatened to pull my license if I don't promise not to drive. So that is a pain. I have a GREAT support system though so it will be ok.
We named the baby! The name is Calvin. Full name Calvin Verdie Kellogg. We are very happy with it.
Stephen (age barely 5) is doing multiplication and division now. He figured multiplication out on his own. Told it to me like had developed a new math. Then today he asked if there is an opposite of it, so I told him about division. He's mostly with the single digit ones for now, but check out this. I was in a SU DSP share. I got 6 sheets of each of the 16 paper packs of SU DSP. Stephen tilts his head to the side and tells me that the total number of sheets is 86 sheets. It's not, the answer is 96. But the point is my tiny not in kindergarden yet kid TRIED to multiply 16x6 in his head and got it pretty darn close. Freaky smart kid. I'm unbearable proud of him as you can tell.
Ethan is swimming now! It's very happy for us because right now we can all swim! He's happy and cute as usual. He's a real easy going kid. Love him. He is in love with Calvin already and tells him what's going on in our day by screaming it at the tummy.


pescbrico said...

Erin, I'm sorry you cannot drive until everything does settle down. You can be proud of your son! He is a bright little boy :)
Have a wonderful day!

christy b., that's me! said...

Love the trampoline card!
Love the name Calvin!