Thursday, August 12, 2010

blast from the past and general update.

This cool envelope is from years ago. I still love seeing it in my photos file though. I have long sense mailed it. (I think to you Kim?) I don't have any of these stamps anymore. Sometimes I miss them.

I don't have anything new to share. I have made a few things but not much. Mostly I sleep and try to entertain the boys. I'm feeling lots better than a few weeks ago though, far less fainting. I'm just crazy tired. I can't explain how tired. Like I feel like I will DIE if I don't get a nap tired. Also my lower back hurts a lot lately. I'm not sure if that's baby weight pulling, from being so inactive and sleeping so much or the baby settling down on some nerve of pain. Maybe a combo. I'm trying to do a bit of exercise to help the back but anyhow.

I know that all sounds so drab but I DO feel lots better. I've been able to get back to going to church. Last weekend Brian and I left the boys (whith a kidsitter) and went to Orlando for two days. It was fantastic to get away. Brian's work is SO stressful lately. He worked 14 hours yesterday. It makes us all stressed. Poor kids hardly see him becaues they are long asleep when he gets home. POO on stinking jobs and cutbacks making Brian do two people's jobs.

Crap I'm complaining again!

In awesome news I am all motivated to finish that 9patch quilt I started last spring. (As in spring '09) I figured out how the blocks will work out and such, cut sashing pieces and started sewing the rows. I will need 11 rows and I've done 4 of them today so far. I can't sew all day (back thing) but that's good progress. I'm excited to see it come along.

And that's what's going on in Erin World. Baby is fine, my heart is fine, my general health is fine. I'm 27 weeks. That suprised me, I thought I was 30 weeks. I refuse to be pregnant for another 13 weeks. that can't be right (it is totally right) I'm going back to NOT counting so it can sneak up on me.

Oh kids start school really soon. Stephen in Kindergarden, Ethie in preschool. We are all excited and a smidge nervous. I know Ethie's teachers really well, same ones S had last year. I don't know Stephen's teacher yet but I'm sure she's fine. Stephen is very excited about school lunch and picking his food and getting chocolate milk once a week. (His rule, not mine, I don't have to have rules about healthy eating with him, he's a health nut)


Anonymous said...

Yes, Erin it was to me! I sooo love it too! I could not part with my OBP stamps! Glad you are doing ok! Miss you xoxo!

pescbrico said...

Wow their was a lot of work in that envelop. Have a great day.

Cathy at Paper Garden Projects said...

Hi! I'm just checking up on you. So glad you are feeling better. There is no tired in the world like pregnant tired. I worked 12 hour night shifts - and pregnant tired is worse!

I love the envie. I still kept all my JJ stamps. They mean a lot to me.