Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Feel Better

I saw a card in a recent Papercrafts publication (have trouble keeping them straight!) that I loved. It was similar to this, in that it had the one strip of a bold pattern paper and then something cute going on over it. I had to give it a go. I'm VERY happy with how this card turned out.

The turtle is by Cornish Heritage Farms. I love them, sad they are closing. I colored him with copic markers, trying to use colors from the pattern paper. That's how he ended up with some red spots. I don't think I've ever put red on a turtle but I like it bunches. The word bubble thing is by Hero Arts. I bought that set to make my cute animals say cute things, but I quite often forget to use it. Both the turtle and the word bubble are up on foam tape.

Tomorrow I probably won't blog, although I'm trying to blog more often. Look at my to do list for tomorrow:
  • Kids to school
  • OBGYN appt
  • Get Ethie from school
  • Get Popeyes chicken
  • Take Popeyes chicken and some magazines to Roniece at the hospital, she's having surgery. I don't know if they will let her eat the chicken but I'm gonna try.
  • Home to get Stephen
  • Harrass Stephen into doing homework and eating snack
  • Rest a bit hopefully
  • Feed kids dinner
  • PTA meeting. I'm super excited about the PTA meeting, it's my first one! I want to be one of those super involved PTA moms, but I can't sign up for much just yet because I'm having a baby soon you know.
  • BED, I have to get the kids to bed earlier, they are SO tired in the mornings, I guess school takes a lot out of you.

Speaking of school, it's going great. Stephen LOVES Kindergarden. He's not bored at all (his main complaint about preschool). He thinks all the activities are very cool. It's also making him learn faster. I'm not talking so much about the stuff they are teaching him, although there is that too, but the stuff we do at home. He has these word cards I've made, probably about 70 of them. All summer we worked on them, he would usually get all but about 10 right on the first try. I did them them other day and he got them ALL. It's like his mind is in learning mode more because of school. He's also reading GREAT. He is taking a stab at new words and getting better at sounding out. I'm very impressed.

Both Ethie and Stephen have made friends in their class that live right near us! Ethie has a friend who lives in the house right around the corner. He is excited because it's actually the house with the trampoline! We can see their yard from ours. Stephen has a new friend down the street named Ethan! He seems like a really nice boy. Talks a lot. That's me, Erin, saying he talks a lot. I want you to think about that... ME, Erin, saying this kid talks a lot. haha! He's funny and sweet though.

NO bully issues. They are in there but have mellowed or something. Stephen is not super good friends with them, but he said they are nice enough. It must be weird to be in Kindergarden with your brother. I would think they would take longer to make friends because they have each other? I think if my kids were the same grade I'd request them not to be together. Course I don't know, my kids are a year apart. Then Calvin, he will barely be in school with brothers at all!

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