Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby Shower and Bunnies

I've been working on my baby shower invites and favors and such. Here is what I have done: Stamped envelopes, Invite outsides (need to type out the words, that's always hard for me) and tons and tons of the little milk carton birdhouses. I'm going to make a little googlie eyed owl for each bird house. Fun stuff.
I also made some other random fun cards. Today I'll share some bunny ones.
I forget who makes the stickers I used but t hey sure are cute.
In Other News:
Both kids are started in school. Stephen in all day Kindergarden, which he's loving. He started last week. He loves his teacher, is making friends and said it's not boring at all. He does think the day is long and that makes him tired. Ethie started today in PreK, it's half day so not so long. He already knew the teachers from last year when they had Stephen so he's going to get along just fine. He was mad today because he had to do "library" as his station instead of "dinosaurs" As my friend Tracey pointed out, a station called, "Library" never stood a chance against one called, "Dinosaur" I mean seriously. haha. He's such a good boy though, he just did what they told him anyhow. He did get in an argument because he only goes by "Ethie" and they kept calling him "Ethan" I did fill out a thingie about his nickname, but I guess they didn't pass it on. I talked to the teachers today though and they know to call him "Ethie" and even let him do that for learning to write his name. No one hassles a Michael for going by "Mikey" why give Ethie a hard time? haha. Actually I met a mom today who was complaining because her daughter "Alexandria" doesn't answer to "Alex" but the same teachers wanted to have her learn that for writing her name. Funny how some nicknames are so accepted and some are not. I love these teachers though, I've known them a year now. This is a minor issue. (Unless you ask Ethie, he's pretty serious about it.)
I'm feeling GREAT lately. Yes, tired, yes achey by the end of the day, but really fantastic otherwise. Love that!
One of my best friends is moving to Bosnia tomorrow. I'm excited, it's a great opportunity for her family and it's just for one year, but DANG that's entirely too far! :( I'm gonna miss her!
I did iron the quilt and layer it and it's about halfway done with the tieing. The problem is that it's stinking HOT here and I have to have it all in my lap to tie. I will finish it soon though.


Thanh Vo said...

Hugs to you Erin!

Dee in N.H. said...

Cute stuff! I can sympathize with Ethie, My sons name is Ray (after his grandfather) and every time there was a new teacher there was a small name issue. One teacher even called me to say he was being uncooperative because he was refusing to write Raymond. Too funny, brings back some nice memories. TFS