Monday, June 21, 2010

new art!

If you don't read my family blog, you might want to read THIS POST. It's about me nesting/redecorating. I'm having a blast. I think the family is in shock, I keep changing things. Brian is thrilled though because I'm also a cleaning FOOL right now.

Anyhow I bring it up because I made a new art for the room.

How cute is it? Sorry the colors are a bit too dull, we are about to get our daily thunder storm, so it's very cloudy in there. (well not IN the room, we have a roof and all, I mean the light is cloudy.)

I got the template and directions on Skip to my Lou HERE. It's designed by a guest blogger over there named Larissa. It was super easy. It does use a TON of pop dots.


Larissa said...

well, it looks great! You are quick. thanks for sharing your link.

Anonymous said...