Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In the sky

I recently got the hot air balloon set from Papertrey. I love hot air balloons and my mom loves them too, so I figure she might want a set of cards.

This first one weighs a TON so I won't make a set of these, can you imagine having your whole set cost like $2.50 to mail each! haha. But it's fun for a one off! The balloon is shiny with crystal effects, so that's fun. Next is playing with the cloud stamp. For this one I stamped in white ink and embossed with white powder. The stamp is sorta scratchy looking, not totally solid. So of course the clouds are not totally solid. I'm not totally thrilled with the effect, but they stamp ok.
Then I tried it with the clouds stamped in white but no embossing. that's not bad either and was faster of course. I hand cute the clouds for the rainbow, but I did order the cloud die last night so I'm excited about that. I use clouds a lot so I figure it's a pretty good investment. I'm going get some white felt to make a whole whopping stack of clouds with.
And on this one I didn't really do a sky at all, just used the solid images to make a really quick card. I kinda like it too!

In Other News:
If you are a STamp Shack girl watch out. I finally cleaned out the WHOLE stinking craft room. I gave stuff like papers I don't care for and half sheets of stickers to the kid but all the stuff I think might sell is stacked up and I will sell on SS probably starting tomorrow! It's a TON of stuff. You are going to think I'm quitting stamping or something with this much stuff for sale. Really I'm just decluttering in a major way. It's more than half of my stamps though! a ton.
Baby seems to be doing great. No name yet, but that's ok I rekon. (actually it drives me nuts and I want to shake Brian and force him to pick a name, but he thinks it's no big deal.) Baby moves pretty often which I love. I get tired way too easily which makes me feel lazy. I also tend to black out/get faint spells and that's been pretty bad this week. Not really bad like I'm falling out all over town, just a pain. I totally blame the heat. It's CRAZY hot and humid here. Even my POOL is hot, over 90degrees! Like taking a huge bath!
I guess that's it for now, I made a TON of cards yesterday so stop back tomorrow, there should be a new post!


Cinda said...

I LOVE the button one and the rainbow one. Beautiful as always!!!!

shuggy said...

love these cards!!