Thursday, June 24, 2010

In case you were wondering...

The baby is a BOY!

I mean definately, even I could tell and I kept thinking the baby's butt was his head! (I stink at reading those ultrasounds).

I'm excited. I did think it was a girl so that was kinda shocking to me. I don't know why I thought that. Apparently Brian only makes boys. It was funny, when we came out Stephen was dancing and saying "Boy boy, three boys!" So everyone in the waiting room knew. Brian got high fives from some of the dads. But poor Brian wanted a girl.

Luckily for Brian they did all the healthy stuff first and I saw him fall in love with the baby. I mean I literally saw it happen, he was talking to it by the end and just in love. So when she said it was a boy he didn't really care, he already loved him.

Ethan is bummed. He cried! I don't know why he wants a girl so much, but he did. :( I'm totally ok besides not having a name picked out.

The name problem is that we have a few pretty good ones. But Brian loves his favorite, and I don't like it at all, and I love my two favorites but Brian doesn't care for them. We have no name we agree on. I'd say we are both liking Lincoln, but it's the second choice for both of us. It's weird, in the past we were SURE of the names.

Someone please have a girl and name her Lily. I'll buy your little girl cute dresses if you do!


BeckyButtshaw said...

congratualtions kellogg family! boys are so wonderful! I hear you on the name thing-tough to find one that "fits" sometimes. But, you'll pick the perfect one for him!

ps-does it count if i already had a girl and named her lily? ;)

pescbrico said...

That's funny how kids react to the new one in the family... My big one told me if it's a boy we will have to go and exchange him for a her!!!
Oh well since it was a her we did not have to do so!