Friday, June 18, 2010

kwernerdesign case

So you may know I'm a huge Kristina Werner fan. When I saw today's Finally Friday post I got up RIGHT AWAY to make a similar card.
I don't have any black glossy paper with white flowers on it. I tried to make some with white glossy paper and embossing and inking with black, I made a huge mess. So I went in my scraps files. At some point I had stamped this flower over and over on black cardstock with white ink. I decided to use it! See the corner of the Thank You part, where it's sticking up a bit? I fixed that. I'm sure you were very worried. *wink*

I don't too often so clearly CASE stuff. I try to take elements or ideas from things, but this is VERY similar, even same colors. Of course I'm glad I did because I LOVE the original. Oh I want to say that my gray is the SAME gray she used, she's just a way better photographer than I am. I mean she's a way better cardmaker too, but THAT issue is photography, not ability to pick up dark gray paper.

So just for fun:
I went though aLL my stuf lately. A few weeks ago and again today. I first got out some of those huge zip lock bags. I filled up SIX of them with embelishments, papers, stickers and so on. I labeled each one with one of my kid's names. Well it's been the BEST. They make "cards" all day long every day if I let them. Of course they have good stuff, great stuff even. It's just stuff I was tired of or knew I'd never get around to using. But GOOD stuff. Oddly they get the most excited about letter stickers. STephen is starting to read and he likes to use them to label his art. VERY cute. Ethan uses them randomly. I have a stack of stuff for Brian for Father's day, Stephen SOLD an art piece to Roniece for a whole DOLLAR the other day! I think next week I'll do a post with all their art so far, some of it is pretty cool, all of it is CRAZY creative. Stephen even figured out how to make a pop up table on a card. haha, Ethie just brought me a "card" which he literally stuck hundreds of stickers on. I can't really tell what's going on, but he tells me it's a Dinosaur Eating the City. I can see the dinosaur and the city,I guess the rest is wreckage? hahah.

Check back tomorrow for my Garden Walk blog hop. I have a fun card for ya!

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