Monday, February 26, 2007

Survivor Shack Style

So over at The Stamp Shack there is a game going on. It's called Survivor Shack Style and basicly you make a zany card and then each day Sherry puts up a predetermined elimination. Like one day she might say "Cards that have pink are eliminated." and it goes on until there is only one card standing! How totally fun. This bug card is my entry, I'll keep you bloggers posted as to how it goes.


shuggy said...

ahhh!!! why didn't you warn me you put this on your blog?

it gives me the creeps!!

i still love you though.


hutch ink designs... said...

Oh my Erin,

I think that is a super duper cute card! My Son wants me to get this set of course it will be on my next TAC order! As Sam calls him self "Super Bug Kid"...he loves your card!

Good luck!


Mary said...

I am LOVIN' this card. Great colors, and I never would have thought to just stamp all over it like that. You made it WORK sistah.