Saturday, February 24, 2007

Crazy Resolutions!

Ok, so I made a personal resolution to not make any more cards or stamp anything at all until I totally clean my craft room. I'm talking, opening up all the drawers and sorting beads and alphabetizing stamps and just everything. I have a few drawers that sort of just collect junk, I need to sort all that stuff. Also I need to pull stuff for the Garage Sale my LSS has twice a year. I usually make a ton of money selling old supplies I won't use anymore. I also sorted my scarry tangle of ribbon and twined it all and organized it by color.

Well I do want to do all that but now I'm sick! I have some crazy fever sort throat illness, both my babies had it, they are over it though. I'm delux miserable with it. The point is I started all this super cleaning and the photo you see is where I had to leave it when I got sick! It didn't even look that messy when I started.

To make matters worse I have gotten TONS of cool stamps in the mail! I got Just Johanna stamps, Pink Cat stamps and the amazing A Muse ovals that AmyR talks about in her blog. Those ovals by the way came in two days! I called in my order on Thursday and they are here! So I can't even play with my new toys is my point. I need to get well then finish cleaning that mess then I can stamp, stamp, stamp.

Ok, time to go lay on the couch more.


Suzi said...

If I were closer, I'd come clean your area for you. Of course, I never clean MY area so..... I LOVE the red walls. So very Cool. Or, are they so Very Mary (toao?)

Julie said...

Can't wait to see what you make with your johanna personal favorite :)

hutch ink designs... said...

Your craft area is very clean! I wish mine looked that way! I keep saying that I will get it all organized and it just doesn't happen!

Hope you are feeling better soon!