Saturday, February 10, 2007

A little Working Girl Game!

Ok, this is my first game and it has a fabulous prize! I won't tell the prize yet, but you'd better only play for the fun, the prize will be cute but nothing to go crazy about! :) This card features four techniques or tricks or whatever that I use very frequently. Not on every card, one of them not even on any other of my blog cards I think. (I could be wrong though.) So this will be easiest for people who really know me, but anyone might be able to figure it out. The first person to post the answer will as a comment on this post will receive a fun prize from me. You must have all four, I won't tell you if you have one or two, I'll just say no. Ok, have fun!

BTW, this is a card for my friend Shara who recently got a new job! Hurray Shara.


Debbie said...

My guesses:
1. Colored pencils
2. Ageing (edges)
3. Bow tying
4. Sideways sentiment

Did I win the car?

Erin K said...


Anonymous said...

Here's what I think they are:
1. Colored pencils
2. Matting
3. Rubber stamping
4. Ribbon

Is my mortgage paid off?

Pam said...

I'll try this...
1) colored pencils
2) sponging edges
3) ribbon
4) layering

Should I pack my bags for the Caribbean cruise? :)

Anonymous said...

Prisma Colored Pencils
chalking edges

Mama needs a brand new dryer!


shuggy said...

i'll try:
1- prismacolors and gamsol
2- patterned paper
3- ribbon
4- inked edges

flipflops4sherri said...

I know I must have the correct answer:

Primscolor pencils
Shadow under her chair
Inking the edges of the paper
Ribbon with bow tied

Did I win a Coach purse?


PS Are you just trying to get more hits than my blog? ha ha

Anonymous said...

1. Prisma colored pencils
2. bow
3. gamsol
4. patterned paper.

How's that for a beginner? spartymom-kim

Erin K said...

No one has the right combo, but between you all you have all 4! :)

Anonymous said...

ccstampin12 guesses:
1. Prisma colored pencils
2. Gamsol
3. Pattern paper
4. Ribbon

Erin K said...

Not yet. Guess again! If we don't have a winner by this evening when I check I'll draw one of your names! :)

hutch ink designs... said...

1.Primscolor pencils and gasmol
2.Pattern paper
3.Ribbon with a bow

Did I win, Erin?


GrammaStamper said...

My guess:

1. Matting
2. Prismacolor & Gamsol
3. Shadow to anchor object
4. Ribbon under image mat

Do I get to babysit your boys?

Kelly said...

Ok heres my guess :)
1. Stamps
2. Colored images
3. Matting
4. Inked edges

Erin K said...

Nope, I think I made it too hard!

teabear said...

I'll give it a go....
Stamping with black ink
Coloring with prismas & gamsol
Aging the edge of the paper
Layering your papers.

Pam said...

OK, I think I have it!! ;)

1) prismas & gamsol coloring
2) you "ground" your images
3) sponging/ inked edges
4) ribbon

Tell me I'm right Erin!!! :)

Pam said...

Oooop! I just re-read the other guesses and mine was the same as Sherri's! Since that wasn't correct, I'm going to try ONE more time!

1) prismas & gamsol coloring
2) you "ground" your images
3) sponging/ inked edges
4) always use black ink

Ok Erin, I've been checking out all your cards to figure this out and reading your blog...and want to know what it takes to get on your favorite blog list?? Check mine out at and see if I qualify! LOL
Have a GREAT Day! Smiles, Pam

Anonymous said...

I'll try again:
1. prismacolor pencils
2. gamsol
3. matting
4. stamping

It's me -- Joanne. I only have 5 more mortgage payments, will you be paying them off? LOL

teabear said...

I'll give it one last try:
~stamping with black ink
~coloring with prismas & gamsol
~layering papers


Thanh said...

Uhhh... I dont think my answer is any different than others who have guessed, but hey! Im going to try.

matting stamped image
inked edges
ribbon bow

... I think the inked edges is your "I dont do often"... and I wanna add gamsol in there, but I dont think you've used them on this image. Ahhh youre killing me here Erin! LOL

Erin K said...

Ok, this didn't work as well as I hoped, I'm gonna do a drawing from yall's names now. Hold on...

Erin K said...

Joanne is the winner, Brian drew her name! Joanne you win... This stamp of a woman on the phone! :)

Erin K said...

The answers were:
1. Grounding an image, I would have taken the shadow comments too.

2. Sideways sentiment. I thought this would be the hard part, but Debbie guessed it right off!

3. Prismacolor and gamsol, I would have given you either although I did use both.

4. My boring use of ribbon. Generally the same layout all the time, with the ribbon across and tied, so I would have taken anything from "ribbon" to "ribbon tieing" to even "layout design" for this one.

Thanks for playing, I will say EVERYONE's guesses were really good and are definately all things I do frequently.

Anonymous said...

Yippee, can't wait to get the stamp. I could be stamping myself as if I'm not on the computer or creating cards, I'm on the phone blabbering away.

Now Erin ask some questions about your boys and see how many of us know you.


p.s. Thanks for pulling out my name, Brian.

Michelle said...

Well, I'm just commenting on your cute card and leaving my link! LOL!