Friday, February 09, 2007

Gonna have fun at a crop tonight

So tonight I'm going to a crop at the LSS. I haven't been without having to bring a baby to nurse in forever. I'm super excited. I just packed and I'm bringing all sorts of great stuff. New stamps, all my pencils, markers, stickles, cuttlebug, inks, most of my paper. I'm gonna make so many things I hope. Of course I may make just a few really intensive things, I'm not sure yet. I have that new Santa on the beach stamp and that looks like a good bit of coloring so we will just have to see what I get done. Now you know I love my boys but part of the excitement will be to just get out of the house for a night! In the past I've gone but brought baby Ethan and he slept mostly and then I'd nurse him, he'd visit with the ladies and then sleep more. He was always an angel but it's not the same as not having him there at all. He's crazy now and there is no way he'd stay in his carrier. So I told Brian he is gonna have to just cope, we will see when I get home around midnight if Brian has gotten them to bed or not! :)

We got TEN packages today! Can you believe that? 5 of them were for Brian, but mine were great, I got:
Stamps from Pink Cat
A Stamping Bella Card swap back
Images for my Stamping Bella Image swap
A RAK of cute pig images from Katie
and Baby I've Got Your Number ATC swap back.

What a great mail day! No bills either and I don't even have to feel guilty because Brian got his own stack of stuff to open.

So I've pretty much killed my Feburary spending money of course! I only have $20 left and of course I'm about to go to a crop so that will be gone shortly! Oh well, I have fun stuff on it's way here and I proved last month that I can go weeks and weeks without spending if I must.

Well that's all for today, sorry no pic to show you. I promise I'll put up the stuff I make at the crop tonight.


Julie said...

Have fun at us what you make!

Mary said...

Have a ton of fun tonight! Let us kow what you get to make.

Mary (toao)