Friday, June 06, 2014

Madness in March

March was a fun filled month. Busy too. It's always busy really. 

Here are all the books Stephen had read between Christmas and the end of February. Just a few...  
 My azaleas bloomed! They are my most favorite flower. We have a bunch. We didn't know what color they were going to be. Fun!
 This tiny balloon went through the laundry. Dryer and all. Weird. I also started my new business website Check it out!
 Ethan can officially ride a bike! It's hard for my kids to master this.
 Calvin dancing in the driveway.
 I love this intense picture of Stephen.
 My boys! Love.
 Brian holding boards for a board break-a-thon at the Martial Arts School
 See these letters? They are all from kids who had been bullying Stephen this year. The teachers found out and made them all write apologies. Some were really heartfelt. My poor kids. :( Always with this stuff. Had I written this post IN March I'd have had a lot more anger about this. But somehow it did work! Stephen said everyone treated him much better after this. I would not have expected that at all. He did expect it. He has so much faith in people.
 Stephen getting his yellow belt at Martial Arts. He is working so hard there. He is stronger, more confident, has better balance. It's pretty much awesome. Expensive, but totally worth it. Such a great community.
 I made Stephen a little Stephen balloon. It had a white belt, then we took that belt off and put this black belt on. He loved it.

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Marshall Wells said...

Your balloon animals site's absolutely wonderful. How talented you are! Your stories are incredible and heart warming, from the balloon that survived the wash to the letters sent by the bullies to Stephen, along with his faith in humanity. I was bullied at school but the teachers weren't very PC in those days and didn't know how to handle things.

Marshall Wells @ Visible Pages